• Full Time
  • 5979 Bandel Rd NW, Rochester, MN 55901
  • No. of Vacancy: 1
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Job Summary: Corporate traveling position. Manage the day to day operations involved with being a student representative, tracking hours, managing student files, exiting students upon completion of program, counseling students.

Job Duties:

  • Key punches  by referencing state sheets and scheduling software(partner with assistant)
  • Print monthly attendance reports and ensure they match with student State Sheets(partner with assistant)
  • Print attendance report and issue any warnings/overages (partner with Financial Aid)
  • SAP Completion and Delivery
  • Print (partner with assistant) and issue SAP Reports
  • Partners with Financial Aid to ensure SAP statuses are documented at the appropriate check points
  • Partners with Instructors to ensure SAP statuses are given and discussed with students in a timely manner
  • Reviews any student SAP of those students not meeting requirements to ensure a strong plan to get them back in compliance is established (Partner with Curriculum Coordinator)
  • Ensures Instructors record all grades in a timely manner
  • Key grades, quotas, evaluations, tests into Genesis from the student grade sheet(partner with assistant)
  • Ensure all admissions documents are collected including: application for enrollment, letter of intent, copy of driver’s license, copy of social security card, immunization records, High School Diploma or GED.
  • Partner with Financial aid to check Financial Aid Files for financial aid application forms including: application for financial aid, ISIR, transcripts, verification paperwork (as needed).
  • Coach graduates through the exit and licensing process.(partner with assistant)
  • Follow up with graduates who do not exit right away(partner with assistant)
  • Follow up with graduates on placement and ensure it is keyed into the Genesis software(partner with assistant)
  • Exit students upon completion and scan and save exit files
  • Respond to all incoming transcript requests. (partner with assistant)
  • Provide student counseling(grades, attendance, LOAs, withdrawals, etc)
  • Maintain electronic student files (in Genesis) and information to be keyed including programs, hours, grades, SAP, placements etc.(partner with Systems Manager)
  • Prepare State Practical Notification Sheets to send to Business Office (Partner with Financial Aid)
  • Maintain all paper student files
  • Partner with other administrators regarding catalog and registration/records policy questions and changes.
  • Key all holidays, late starts, trainings closures
  • Partner with Inventory Manager to order kits and books
  • Disburse kits and books (Partner with Financial Aid)
  • Ensure all contracts and purchase orders match what is keyed in the electronic ledgers
  • Key and adjust as needed student schedules in Salon Iris (partner with Curriculum Coordinator)
  • Partner with School Directors, Financial Aid and Business Office for Monthly and Yearly Audits.

Roles and Responsibilities: Performs tasks of a Student Service Representative, represents students and holds students accountable, reports to Business Manager

Job Specifications/Qualifications: High School Diploma with experience in computer data entry and filing