• Part Time
  • 500 Raintree Rd, Mankato, MN 56001
  • No. of Vacancy: 1
  • 1

Job Summary: Manage the day to day operations involved with being a client representative, driving sales and service, managing inventory, running the register, making appointments, organizing events and promotions and motivating the culture of the school.

Job Duties:

  • Make coffee throughout the day
  • Ensure register is balanced to start the day at $200 and has plenty of change ($5’s and $1’s)
  • Listen to messages for call ins, cancellations, and appointment requests-make any adjustments/calls
  • Take a step back and ensure the front end is clean, organized, and pleasing for clients
  • Review all appointments to make sure students have been scheduled properly
  • Print tickets for the day and ensure they are paired with the other necessary paperwork (traveler, color chart, waxing release, face mapping, facial consultation, etc.)
  • Confirm student Dispense and Greeter duties for the day
  • Place client confirmation calls
  • Partner with the Salon Floor Instructor to review sales goals for the day.  Determine if a promotion needs to be in place to increase ticket counts and drive upservicing.
  • Be a host/hostess to clients and ensure the student greeter is (greet with a smile and warm hello, offer to hang their coats, offer beverage, magazines, let know of specials, offer complimentary mini service while they wait etc.)
  • Monitor retail shelves ensuring clean and stocked
  • Lead and direct students through front end client operations and hold them accountable to  handing out business and referral cards, rebooking, and retailing
  • Manage magazines
  • Keep floor clean throughout day (especially when wet or muddy)
  • Ensure all front desk forms are stocked and neat
  • Filing systems are maintained
  • Be a product knowledge specialist and help close retail sales.  Meet the sales goals.
  • Pre-Book clients for their next appointment.  Contribute to meeting the Pre-Book goals
  • Receive orders, check invoices and input orders/update inventory
  • Partner with Salon Floor Manager (Back of House Manager) to Collect Travelers, chart and create incentive programs to award students performance and drive the ProsperU culture
  • Project share as needed with the Financial Aid and Admissions Leader
  • Input student schedules
  • Close out drawer by counting till, ensuring is balanced, pulling deposit and daily reports
  • Partner with the business manager to manage and track all donations
  • Prepare monthly sales and inventory reports

Roles and Responsibilities: Performs tasks of a Customer Relations/Inventory Manager, represents clients and holds students accountable, represents sales and profit of products

and assists in all tasks and events related to promoting Nova Academy.  Reports to Sales Manager.

Job Specifications/Qualifications: Bachelors Degree or Equivalent College Education or Work Experience with experience in customer service, inventory, promotions or marketing in cosmetology, retail or related fields as well as computer skills.