• Part Time
  • 500 Raintree Rd, Mankato, MN 56001
  • No. of Vacancy: 1
  • 1

Job Summary: Leads and coaches the student body and creates a rich positive learning environment. Always available to the students for support and counseling that allows for a positive learning environment both on the clinic floor and in the classroom.

Job Duties:

  • Coach & Educator
  • Works with the necessary people to maintain the schools overall student experience and cleanliness
  • Attends Continuing Education sessions to expand knowledge to benefit the school and the student body
  • Updates the School Manager and Student Services about the students and individual progress
  • Ensures that the students are proficient in correct terminology to be a skilled knowledgeable cosmetologist
  • Prepares the classroom environment for the instruction of students
  • Works with the students that require more attention to complete their coursework and is always available to answer students’ concerns and questions
  • Ensures students are educated with the appropriate technical skills in order to be successful in their field including sales, up-servicing, pre-booking and goal setting
  • Follows Nova’s curriculum and lesson plans and uses the approval process for any changes or additions
  • Keys student grades and delivers grade sheets to students


  • Part-Time Schedule

Work Location: In person