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At Nova Academy, our mission is to nurture and develop the best technical and professional skills within our future cosmetology professionals, empowering them to excel in their chosen career paths. Through our comprehensive training programs and dedicated instructors, we are committed to providing an enriching learning experience that prepares our students to thrive in the dynamic and competitive beauty industry. Our focus on excellence ensures that each graduate leaves our academy with the confidence, knowledge, and passion to succeed in their exciting journey ahead.


Title IV Eligible APPROVED (Federal Funding)
225 Hours of Theory
275 Hours of Practical
500 Total Hours

The Advanced Esthetics program consists of 210 hours dedicated to instructing applied sciences and skills. This encompasses a comprehensive range of subjects, including advanced cell histology of the skin, the lymphatic system, wound healing, skin classification systems, dermatological disorders and terminology, advanced practices in skincare treatments, chemistry, biochemistry of product ingredients, modalities, electrical and light energy, client consultations involving skin classifications and medical histories, infection control, and health and safety protocols. An additional 290 hours of planned clinical instruction is an integral part of the program, focusing on practical experiences like skin analysis, client consultations, infection control, safety procedures, electrical energy facial treatments, light energy therapies, lymphatic drainage, advanced extractions, skin needling, dermaplaning, and advanced peels. Upon successful completion of the training, you will have achieved the required 500 hours stipulated by the state of Minnesota for coordinated theory and hands-on experience in applied sciences. This accomplishment qualifies you to take the Minnesota State Licensing Exam, paving the way for your journey to become an Advanced Practice Esthetician.


Please Note: Applicants to the 500-hour Advanced Practice Esthetics course must hold a current license for Esthiology or Cosmetology or have graduated a Minnesota approved 600 hour or 1550 hour Cosmetology program within the last 5 years.


    Weeks 1-6 | Classroom Only


    Weeks 7-17 | Classroom + Clinic

A full-time Advance Practice Esthetics student must complete this course in 17 weeks.  


Weeks 1-6:
Monday-Friday: 8:30am-4:30pm

Weeks 7-17:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:30am-4:30pm
Wednesday: 11:30am-7:30pm

(First & third Saturday of every month 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.)

We are proud to offer Prosper U, a cutting-edge program that provides modern business training tailored specifically for aspiring beauty professionals. Our comprehensive programs are designed to equip students with the essential skills needed to thrive in the dynamic beauty industry. By focusing on the latest industry trends and best practices, we empower our students to achieve success, both creatively and financially, ensuring a prosperous future.

Money Habits is our new financial literacy course by Prosper U. This financial foundations program gives you the personal and business financial skills needed to be successful in life and their career. Money Habits now includes a Booth/Suite Rental Finances module.

At Nova Academy of Cosmetology, we take pride in providing our students with top-of-the-line kits. Our comprehensive kits are carefully curated with the finest and most advanced tools and products, ensuring that our students have access to the best resources during their training. With these exceptional kits, our students can confidently develop their skills and creativity, setting them up for success in their journey as future beauty professionals.


At Nova Academy of Cosmetology, we utilize Milady textbooks as a fundamental part of our curriculum. Milady is a trusted and renowned resource in the beauty industry, providing comprehensive and up-to-date educational materials. By incorporating Milady textbooks into our courses, we ensure that our students receive the latest knowledge and techniques, empowering them to excel in their cosmetology education and future careers.


The Complexion Companion: A Holistic Guide to Skincare as Healthcare” is a comprehensive and informative book that delves into the world of skincare from a holistic perspective. Written by experts in the field, this guide offers readers a deep understanding of how skincare isn’t just about looking good but is an essential component of overall health and well-being.


Nova proudly utilizes CIMA by Milady as an integral part of our curriculum. CIMA, which stands for “Cosmetology Instructional & Management Applications,” is an innovative digital platform created by Milady. This cutting-edge system enhances the learning experience for our students by offering interactive and engaging educational content, allowing them to access a wealth of resources at their fingertips. With CIMA, our students gain a deeper understanding of the beauty industry, mastering essential skills and preparing them for a successful and rewarding career journey.

“Aesthetics Exposed: Mastering Skin Care in a Medical Setting and Beyond” is an essential textbook for Advanced Practice Esthetics students. Authored by Terri Wojak, it offers in-depth insights into advanced techniques and specialized skills needed in medical esthetics. Covering skin analysis, clinical procedures, and the fusion of medical and spa practices, the book equips students to excel in skin care. It’s a vital resource that prepares future professionals to meet the complexities of modern esthetics practice and ensures a comprehensive education.”

Tuition rates vary by program and state requirements. Students will be provided the most up-to-date tuition rates on request when inquiring about admission to Nova Academy of Cosmetology.


At Nova Academy of Cosmetology, we understand the importance of financial assistance in pursuing your dreams. We are dedicated to supporting our students in exploring a wide range of financial aid options available to them. Our experienced team is here to guide and assist you throughout the process, ensuring that you have access to the resources and information needed to make informed decisions about your education. With our help, you can confidently navigate the financial aid landscape and embark on a transformative journey towards a rewarding career in the beauty industry.

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I enjoyed every bit of school. I highly recommend Nova as an excellent choice of school for this industry as they give you more than enough information and knowledge to set you apart and get you far into the world of hair and skin.

– Megan M. – Cosmetology + Esthiology Student

Nova is a top notch school where all instructors and staff are dedicated to top of the line education and

student success. I am so glad I took this step and that I did it through Nova!

– Sharesa G. – Cosmetology Student

I had a great experience here at Nova! It’s a wonderful staff and great teaching! Absolutely loved the atmosphere! I was always excited to come to school!

– Kylie C. – Cosmetology Student

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Nova Academy of Cosmetology is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences, Inc., (NACCAS). NACCAS is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a national accrediting agency for post-secondary schools, departments of cosmetology arts and sciences and massage therapy.

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