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Nova Academy of Cosmetology utilizes a range of educational resources, including Milady Text Books, CIMA by Milady, and the book “Aesthetics Exposed: Mastering Skin Care in a Medical Setting and Beyond,” to provide comprehensive learning materials for its students in the field of cosmetology and esthetics.
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Updated August 2023

Miladys® Cosmetology Textbook ISBN#978-1-934636-66-4
Miladys® Cosmetology Study Guide ISBN#978-1-934636-75-6
Miladys® Cosmetology Exam Prep ISBN#978-1-934636-78-7
Miladys® Esthiology Textbook ISBN#978-0-9742723-1-3
Miladys® Esthiology Study Guide ISBN#978-0-9742723-7-5
Miladys® Esthiology Exam Prep ISBN#978-0-9742723-6-8
Miladys® Nails Textbook ISBN#978-0-9779961-8-6
Miladys® Nails Study Guide ISBN#978-0-9789765-0-7
Miladys® Nails Exam Prep ISBN#978-0-9789765-1-4
Prosper U Text Books and Materials- only available by attending a Prosper U Affiliated School
The Complexion Companion: A Holistic Guide to Skincare as Healthcare”