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Start your journey towards a successful future in the beauty industry with Nova Academy of Cosmetology. Our three academy’s provide exceptional beauty education and training, empowering our students with the necessary knowledge and expertise to excel as leading professionals in the beauty industry.



Nova Academy of Cosmetology offers an outstanding reputation, experienced instructors, and comprehensive curriculum. With a focus on hands-on training, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive learning environment, students can be confident that they will receive the education and preparation needed for a successful career in the beauty industry.
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Attending beauty school at Nova Academy of Cosmetology offers a platform for unleashing your creativity, allowing you to explore and experiment with diverse techniques in hair, skin and nails.

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We pride ourselves on offering Prosper U and Beauty as a Business programs, providing our students with comprehensive training not only in technical skills but also in essential business knowledge, enabling them to thrive as well-rounded beauty professionals in the industry.



Nova Academy of Cosmetology becomes an affordable option for those who qualify thanks to the availability of federal financial aid and self-loans. Nova takes pride in our placement rates and has a high number of graduates who go on to pursue successful careers in their field of choice.


I enjoyed every bit of school. I highly recommend Nova as an excellent choice of school for this industry as they give you more than enough information and knowledge to set you apart and get you far into the world of hair and skin.

– Megan M. – Cosmetology + Esthiology Student

Nova is a top notch school where all instructors and staff are dedicated to top of the line education and

student success. I am so glad I took this step and that I did it through Nova!

– Sharesa G. – Cosmetology Student

I had a great experience here at Nova! It’s a wonderful staff and great teaching! Absolutely loved the atmosphere! I was always excited to come to school!

– Kylie C. – Cosmetology Student


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Not really but I hope I got your attention. PLEASE DOUBLE SHAMPOO your hair is not getting clean with one shampoo 🧖‍♀️✨
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For so long I tried to balance both work and life until I realized…there’s no such thing as work life balance 🤯 In reality, your work is such a big part of your life that instead of balancing, you need to make it fit. 

For me this means…
💫 The salon doesn’t open until 10am, because this stylist is not a morning person 🤪

💫 The salon is cleaned up and I’m locking the door by 6:00pm 

💫I’m done working on my business (everything that goes on behind the scenes) at 8:00pm (because I’m a night owl and find I’m most creative in the evening, but with this comes a boundary for myself!) 

💫All client communication happens within the hours that the salon is open

💫Blocking time off in my schedule when I’m feeling overwhelmed

💫 Taking vacations even if it’s just a staycation to rest 

💫 Truly embracing holiday time because as an independent stylist, we can! 

Since opening Mane Beauty Method, I’ve taken off a minimum of 10 consecutive days during the Christmas/New Years season. Instead of the holiday’s feeling busy and rushed, it’s my favorite time because I get to rest and feel refreshed for the New Year.

If you’re feeling the overwhelm that is a result of today’s hustle culture, know that you’re not alone and the beauty of this industry is that it is flexible! Making small shifts can truly impact your life. You’re doing great. Save this post for when you need a reminder 🤍

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I am very excited to share that starting March 13th I will be on the floor taking clients!! I will only be taking clients on Wednesdays-Fridays!

This is a list of services I will be providing as of now. (more services coming soon😊)

Call 507-345-4033 and ask for Elizabeth K!
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Hair tip Friday🌿🌿 
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✨ Shear Sharpening Event Alert! ✨

📅 Date: March 11, 2024
🕗 Time: 8am - 12pm 
📍 Location: Woodbury CosmoProf

Is your shear losing its edge? Don’t fret! Edge Mobile Sharpening is here to save the day!

💸 Price: $33 per shear (Cash only)

Drop off your shears early for added convenience. Get ready to snip, clip, and slay with precision!

See you there! 💇‍♂️💇‍♀️ #ShearSharpening #EdgeMobileSharpening #WoodburyCosmoProf

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Did you know that investing in a quality curling iron really does make that much of a difference? ↓

→ My most favorite heat tool is the Bio Ionic Long Barrel Curling Iron. Having super long and thick hair my entire life had always made it so difficult to curl my hair in a timely matter. Before, I was spending almost 2 hours curling my entire head because no iron would distribute heat evenly through a section of my hair. This iron is seriously a GAME CHANGER.
I will absolutely be investing in more tools from bioionic 🩶

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Happy Wax Wednesday!! Come in for a wax service😉 50% off!
This week we started hair cutting🤍💇🏼‍♀️
We started out with a 0 degree hair cut which is just straight across with no elevation. After I dried and styled with my pretty in a minute keratin infused straightener for a clean sleek look.✨✨
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